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  1. I really can identify with your thoughts on Superman and collecting/reading him these days. Growing up I loved the first Superman movies. Marvel was my gateway to comics and I was for lack of a better word a “Marvel Zombie” until high school. A friend gave me stacks of Secret Origins to help me navigate the labyrinthine continuity of pre and post-Crisis. I frankly loved it. But I was not a fan of Superman. I bought a fifth printing of his Death just to see him die.
    My journey with Superman started with Lois and Clark. I watched the show when it was just ending. Being a huge Byrne fan, I began to read his run. Superman became my thing. Over the years, I seem to start and stop every six months with the titles. I have purged most of my physical stuff in favor of digital copies. What I realized over the years is that you like what you like.
    I will always love Superman. It doesn’t matter if I own a shred of physical evidence on the contrary.
    I never crap on something someone loves. This makes me furious about Social Media.
    I want to thank you for steering me towards Adventure of Superman #525. That just drove home the reason Kal-El needs Clark. Wonderful issue. The mullet was simply Super. I think Kesel/Immonen are a cripplingly underrated duo. Love the podcasts!

  2. Spit take achieved with the “Sawyer should have just shot the S. O. B.” & “storm the capital”
    Great job as always guys.

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