Welcome to another installment of Who’s Who Classic, a regular feature here at the Fortress where every Monday I will present an entry from the original series of Who’s Who comics that DC published between 1984 and 1988.  Superman was well represented in those series and I wanted to share the entries with you just in case you have never seen them.  Today’s entry is Matrix!

Matrix(originally published in Action Comics Annual #2 (1989)

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One thought on “WHO’S WHO CLASSICS – MATRIX”

  1. I have always wondered if at some point when the writers were throwing ideas around there was a plan to have Matrix become the new Bizzaro.

    I ponder this mainly because of Action Comics #644. This would actually make a bit more sense to me than having her/him/it being the new Supergirl. I always thought the animated series “got it right” by having Supergirl being from a sister world to Krypton. It was a pretty elegant solution that lets you keep the whole Last Son of Krypton mojo but also have a considerably less complicated origin for Supergirl. Having the pocket universe craziness as part of Bizzaro’s background kind of suits him more IMO. It is after all, a bit bizarre. Shape shifting as a Bizzaro power could be interesting to.

    Also I just think the evil Superman design for Matrix in that issue is cool looking so I freely admit that’s part of my motivation here to.

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