Up against the clock today, folks and From Crisis to Crisis is going to be a day late, so I thought I would post a series of clips from one of the best two-part episodes of The Adventures of Superboy, the syndicated series that ran from 1988 to 1992.  Roads Not Taken saw Superboy traveling to two different alternate realities and in one of those realities the son of Jor-El became an evil dictator known as the Sovereign.  I loved this episode as a teenager and at some point will write up something on it for this blog.  For now, enjoy the clips even though the video quality is a little dodgy.


I seem to remember more of a fight between Superboy and the Sovereign, but that just proves that my freakish memory isn’t so freakish after all.  Either way I hope y’all liked this and I will see you tomorrow.

More to follow…

3 thoughts on “YOUTUBE…THURSDAY”

  1. Sadly the video quality is about the best we are going to get, unless the WB finally decides to release it on DVD. As I’ve said before this is one of my favorites, I really dug the soverign version of the costume. There was also an episode where Superboy meets a retired Superman that came to Earth in the 30’s and raised Lex as his son.

  2. That was pretty cool. The Sovereign costume and the setting had a very Red Son vibe, I thought.

  3. What I dig about the show in retrospect is the Pre-Crisis vibe it had. If I recall correctly, the third and fourth seasons were usually something more (and better) than “Superboy fights villain of the week” stuff. Roads Not Taken is the type of story the show dealt with more often.

    The cheese was pretty heavy in some episodes though.

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