Welcome to another YouTube Tuesday!  This time out I thought it would be fun to present another episode of the sixties Filmation New Adventures of Superman series since I am posting a bunch of Silver Age Superman covers over the course of the week.  So without further ado I present…Luthor’s Plan.


I have to admit that I enjoyed the heck out of this video even though there wasn’t a whole lot to the story.  It was good Silver Age fun.  It is also a story that could never happen today as they know longer produce lead based paint.  You have to wonder if Luthor and his goons died of lead poisoning while awaiting trial.

Now that would be a good reason for Luthor to hate Superman.

I have no idea why this video has a Superman The Movie/Superman Returns style opening.  It’s kind of cool but at the same time kind of weird.

Oh well, hoped y’all liked it either way.  Come back tomorrow when I have more of those awesome Silver Age cover scans to share.

More to follow…

4 thoughts on “YOUTUBE TUESDAY FOR 08/24/2010”

  1. I never tire of hearing Bud Collyer voice Clark and Superman. Thanks for posting this. I’ve not picked up the DVD set, as I keep hoping they’ll release a new one with the Superboy installments.

  2. I have to say it always impressed me how filmation really captured the style of the comics at the time. The animation looks like a combination of Al Plastino, Curt Swan and Wayne Boring and the stories are the same sort of quick narratives that were in the comics at the time.

  3. The cartoons from this era are fairly charming, but I get really annoyed by the unnecessary narration! I mean, we can see what’s happening… it’s like watching an audio-described movie

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