Welcome to another installment of YouTube Tuesday here at the Fortress.  A few weeks ago over at the very awesome Firestorm Fan my good friend Shag (he of Once Upon a Geek fame) posted some videos from a Super Powers “See and Read” video.  I vaguely remember these things from when I was a kid, but basically it was a video version of something called a “See and Hear” record, which was like the old Power Records only bigger.  The concept was pretty simply; you’d pop the LP on the turn table and follow along in the book.  Somewhere along the way the powers that be decided to use the then new power of the VCR to take this form of multimedia entertainment to the next level and thus the “See and Read” was born.  They look kind of primitive by today’s standards but I am fairly sure that if I had one of these things when I was ten or eleven years old I would have worn the tape out.  So enjoy this trip down memory lane and I have to give a big ol’ thanks to Shag for giving me the go ahead to copy what he posted some time back.

And yes, I am aware of the very bad pun in the title of this thing.




And that is it for today.  Come back tomorrow for the first part of my Dragon*Con 2010 swag.  Lots of Superman stuff in there but then again that was my intention.

More to follow…

2 thoughts on “YOUTUBE TUESDAY FOR 09/14/2010”

  1. I remember seeing something kinda similar as a kid, but it was a Transformers thing. I sort of resented it, to be honest. It felt like a bait & switch. And a very crude one. They’d lure you in with promises of showing Optimus Prime kick Megatron’s ass but instead you get a bunch of text and stuff, and no real animation. I don’t think they even used the Transformers voice cast (and big DUH, how obvious would that have been?). I remember being fairly militantly opposed to “educational” entertainment; I thought the concepts were mutually exclusive, m’self.

    I could be wrong but I remember the Transformers thing being an overall slicker enterprise with smoother and longer camera pans.

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