Sorry I am running late today.  This morning was crazy, so I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier but here’s your YouTube Tuesday for the week.

This time out I present the trailers for the Superman related DC Universe animated films, starting with Superman: Doomsday.


While I have a fair amount of quibbles with this movie I rather liked it overall.  I went into it realizing that they were not going to do an panel for panel adaptation of the original story, so that helped.  This is an enjoyable movie though I still hate the lines on Superman’s face.


I am not even going to try to remain objective here.  I LOVE Justice League: New Frontier.  It is my favorite of the DC Animated films so far.  It helps that I love the comic it was based on too, but I can watch this film again and again.

Oh, and Kyle MacLachlan was great as Superman.  He really captured the Man of Steel from this story.


And here’s my second favorite of the DC animated offerings.  Again I am a little biased because I liked the original story so much but Bruce Timm and company really outdid themselves on Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and kept in all of the important story beats.


While Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths was not my favorite of the animated movies it is high on the list.  It was a fun, good old fashioned super-hero fighting super-villain action fest.  Also it had Mark Harmon as Superman and considering my obsession with NCIS I was all about some happy that Mark voiced the Man of Steel.



I am holding off really commenting on this film until I actually see Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.  From what I can see they nailed the Michael Turner art from the source material.  I like that story though it took me a long while to like the new Supergirl.  I have high hopes for the film though I am not getting too excited in case the movie isn’t all that good.

And that’s it for this week.  Come back tomorrow and see something that I recently acquired.  It’s pretty damn awesome and I got it for a song.

Man this thing is cool.

More to follow…

One thought on “YOUTUBE TUESDAY: THE LATE EDITION FOR 07/20/2010”

  1. I’m probably the only one of this opinion, but I kind of despise when they use Timm-verse voice actors to play the same roles in other animation ventures. It just takes me right out of the flick for some reason.

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