Superman was kind of a thing after he returned from the dead in 1993.  I have written about it before but with his popularity on the wane side of the pop culture waxing and waning cycle I feel like it needs to be said as often as possible without coming off as obnoxious.

There’s a line.  I see it.  Promise.

The tag line for most of this merchandise was a triangle with the words, “Better Than Ever” written inside.  I may be misremembering but some neat stuff came out under this banner.  One of the more interesting artifacts of this time period was a limited edition portfolio of eight 11 x 14 illustrations of the world’s first super hero and if it sounds like I am quoting directly from the package it’s because…well…I am quoting directly from the front of the package.

Portfolio Cover A

I finally snagged one of these bad boys a few years ago and every once in a while I would take it out, looks at the illustrations and think, “Man, I need to scan these and post them to the Fortress.”  Then I would put them away and go…I don’t know…watch television, spend time with my wife, try to take pictures of the mythical creatures that I swear to God live in my backyard or anything else that my Dennis Miller brand ferret on a double espresso attention span focuses on next.

Seriously.  I get distracted easily.  I watched a bunch of Eliot fight scenes from Leverage while trying to type that last paragraph.  I’d type a few letters and then watch Christian Kane beat some ass for a few minutes and then go back and finish the sentence.

Here’s what the back of the package looks like.

Portfolio Cover B

Anyway, over the holidays (on Christmas Eve in fact) I finally took the portfolio to work and scanned the illustrations and then paid for doing so because I don’t want to lose my job.  So after several years, many distractions and watching countless Leverage videos on YouTube here are those illustrations.  You will see the art of Tom Grummett,  Dan Jurgens, Kerry Gammill, Jon Bogdanove and…someone else I don’t quite recognize right there at the end.  Enjoy and remember to click on any of the prints for a larger look.

Superman Portfolio 01 Superman Portfolio 02 Superman Portfolio 03 Superman Portfolio 04 Superman Portfolio 05 Superman Portfolio 06 Superman Portfolio 07 Superman Portfolio 08

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