I didn’t write a post today. I did produce a page for this blog that you can find on your right under the Fortress of Baileytude Pages section.

A few years back I found this site that listed every crossover to all of the major event books of both Marvel and DC. I copied the info, edited it in a Word document and SHAZAM I had an instant piece of reference. So I thought I would take that out, dust it off and put the DC books here.[1. The reason I didn’t post the Marvel crossovers is that they have disappeared.  Apparently that file didn’t get transferred.  Oh well.  Like goes on.]

Seemed like a good idea to me.

Here’s a direct link to the page in case you were curious.

At some point I’ll put the info about Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis and eventually Amazons Attack and Final Crisis, though the last two will actually seem like work.  Especially Amazons Attack, which was awful.

For now, here are the big DC events and the books associated with them.


More to follow…




Or maybe this post should be titled, The Sort of New, Kind of Different Fortress of Baileytude, as that would be more accurate.

Well, the week or so I took off was nice and I won’t promise daily postings, but for now it seems I have returned because this part of my life is tanned, rested and ready to talk some comics.

Actually two things brought me out, one of them being the release of not one but two episodes of Views From The Longbox last week.  I got in a groove of prepping the show notes the night before and then actually posting them the next morning and it felt right.  Looking at my schedule next week I believe I can do the same thing for this blog and while what I have to say may not be epic in scope I figure a little something is better than a whole lot of nothing.

The other thing that brought me back to this blog is something occurred to me while I was at work today.  I am not reading a whole heck of a lot of new comics lately.  I just can’t afford them at the moment and that fact doesn’t sadden me as it might have  a year or so ago.  It’s actually quite liberating. 

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Ok, here’s the deal.

I need a break.

“But, Mike,” you say.  “You haven’t been posting regularly in months.  What do you need a break from?”

Life in general really.  Things have been extremely stressful as of late between work, my grandfather passing away and certain other things in my personal life.  Nothing serious.  No relationship problems with the wife.  In fact we’re doing great as always.

I just need to get away from certain things until I am back to center and ready to do things right.  This blog is supposed to be fun for me and lately because of all of the above it has felt somewhat like a chore.

I want to get back to this being fun.  So I am taking a month off to recharge my batteries.

So for the time being I am putting the Fortress on hiatus.  I am still doing episodes of Views From The Longbox, my podcast, because I have a bunch in the can and for the next five weeks that will be on auto-pilot.  And I will be posting on my Live Journal no doubt, but this place is going to be something of a ghost town for four weeks or so.

But fret not.  The Fortress will return.  I am even going to redesign the thing because a change like that may end up being fun.

Or it might end up being a nightmare.  I’ll know that for sure in a few weeks.

More to follow… (Promise)



I mean I really didn’t like the book and was seriously considering dropping it altogether.  I dropped Countdown, after all and man that was hard to do, at least from the perspective of being an addict.  You are currently reading a blog written by a person that has in his house at least 80% of the super-hero books DC published between 1986 and 2006 and will tell you that he owns the 1997 crossover Genesis and not blink or feel dirty like he should.  I have stuck with them through a lot, so it has been kind of rough lately to admit to myself that I really don’t care for a lot of what DC is doing at the moment.



…but I am pretty sure this is where half of the villains from the late eighties and early nineties came from.


I vaguely remember this commercial.  I am a bit curious about who won the contest and what the villains were like.

Not enough to actually track it down tonight, but I have much to do and miles to go before I sleep. 

More to follow…


You may have noticed the new image above or the fact that I changed the tag line of the blog.  Well, there’s a reason for that.

This is no longer a Superman only blog.  I really wanted it to be.  I did, but the fact of that matter is I am too scatter brained to really concentrate on one character.  It’s just not in me.  Superman is still my absolute favorite and he always will be.  It’s just I’ll go through these periods of intense Superman fandom and then something else will come along (Batman, the Hulk, etc.) and I’m like, “Ooh, shiny!”

It’s not something I am proud of, but over the last few months I have come to certain realizations about the various aspects of my life and one of those realizations that had to do with comic books was that yeah I like Superman but I like all of these other characters as well and sometimes I want to write about them and then I think of writing something on Views about it but then I start thinking that’s a bit silly and then I start thinking this was the problem I had with The Blue, The Red and The Green and I just want to put the proverbial shotgun in my mouth, pull the trigger and repeat.

This shouldn’t be as difficult as I am making it to be.  I know.  Bear with me because this hasn’t been the best week for me so far.

Anyway, if I am going to make a go of doing the comics blogging thing I have to take what I consider my faults and either work on them or work around them. 

So this is the comics blog.  All comics, all the time.  Maybe I can do this daily (or week daily as my good friend Shag of Once Upon a Geek calls it) if I have more to talk about than one character.  There will still be Superman stuff and I make no bones about the amount of Superman stuff that will be discussed, but I will be mixing it up a little more.

And we’ll see how that works.

You know, this may work and then again I may be sitting there on a daily basis thinking, “Do I want to put this here or do I want to put this on Views From The Longbox?”

Ah, indecision.  I know thee well.

More to follow…and not just about Superman…